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Mostafa Youssef [Cairo, 1989] is a research-based artist. His practice combines experiences from the fields of art and architecture, where he explores historical and contemporary instances from political and social stand points. He investigates and dissects emerging urban and architectural patterns, drawing the left-out qualities through contextually re-established situations. His work includes experimentation with diverse media: miniatures, drawings, collage, photography, printmaking and graphic novels. With subjects that widely vary in scale, from the individual, to the architectural, to the city. He developed a language of drawing that is characterized by an emphasis on the process inherent within architecture; a process that is usually absent in the architectural representation.  


Mostafa received his Master of Arts in Graphic Narratives from Leuven University College of Arts [LUCA] in Brussels, Belgium after completing his Bachelor of Science in Architecture between Cairo, Egypt and Liechtenstein.

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